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Our Services

CAD Drafting

Work with one or more of our top CAD Programmers on planning and modeling your hardware idea from start to finish.


Our open hardware innovation platform can help you rapidly prototype hardware. We are built by the maker movement for the maker movement.


Our in-house tooling and molding abilities allows us to maintain quality during mass production while limiting the costs.

Components Sourcing

Our partnerships in Shenzhen, China run deep allowing us to procure almost any type of electronic components you need.

Sample Products

Helped design and develop over 1,000+ new hardware products

Prototyping Process

1. Submit a Project

Fill out a form with details regarding your project. The information will be passed to our Spec Shop who will come back with necessary steps on getting the build off the ground.

2. Review Proposal

Work with our account manager on finalizing the specifications of the project. Establish expectations on deliverables and deadlines. Select the methodology of development.

3. Build & Deliver

Retain the team and let us begin building your prototype. We will provide weekly reports on the development. Final approved builds will be shipped directly to your desired location.

Manufacturing process

1. Submit Specs

Submit your CAD designs and/or provide the relevant specifications of your product. In addition, we are able to reverse engineer hardware products.

2. Procurement

Work with our manufacturing specialist on finalizing the procurement of raw materials and parts required to create a scalable manufacturing process for your product.

3. Scale & QC

Apply Manufacturing Process Management methods and begin production of product. Quality control will be consistent throughout the process.

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